At Privé Care, Anything, Anywhere is Possible & Everything is Important.

  • 24-hour access to exclusive, personalized healthcare   Oncology
  • Personal medical care in the comfort of your home
  • A network of professionals and clinics readily available
  • Achieve physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium


At Privé Care, we believe there is simply no gift more precious than life itself and we are indeed honored to help each of our patients and clients live their life to its fullest. For us it means every part of our overall care and services is performed at the highest standard. It means staying in close touch with your physician as well, discussing your needs, and not just waiting to learn what happens next.

Finally, our compassion is next to none. Beyond the social importance, international position, or achievements of our patients, we know they are people with medical needs and preferences which we can satisfy at an exceptional and highly professional level. That we understand and care about how those needs affect their day-to-day lives is at the heart of each decision we make.

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