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At Privé Care, we offer a comprehensive set of services and a highly skilled team of medical professionals dedicated to helping each of our patients live their lives to the fullest. Your first call to us begins a relationship built not just on immediate needs, but an unconditional promise to provide you with every element of personal medical care and compassion at the highest standard.

Each Privé Care team member is essential and chosen through our stringent set of qualifications, including personal background and an extensive knowledge of our field. Experience working with preferred clients and adhering to a policy of absolute discretion is imperative.

For other healthcare providers our patient’s needs and preferences at times may not seem reasonable. But illness is not reasonable and none of us can predict the difficult course it sometimes takes. So at Privé Care each element of care by our team, is part of an ongoing communication regimen with a patient’s physician, carefully monitoring your progress together, to insure their plan for recovery has every possible chance for success.

For some clients however, their most immediate needs are keeping up with an unstoppable real world schedule but still getting the medical treatments they require. Others may travel domestically or internationally for extended periods of time. While “out of the ordinary,” “unique” or “demanding” may present challenges to other providers, these are requests we welcome and accommodate without questions and without compromise.

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